Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm


First time at the farm?  Below is the information you need to know.

  • Getting a Pre-Cut Christmas Tree
    • Pre-cut trees are located in the field by the Christmas Shop just head up to the field.  Trees are arranged by height. Look around and if you need help find one of our great employees and they can assist you.
    • Once you find a tree you like, let one of our team know so they can give you the bottom part of the 2-part tag then either take the tree down to the baling and loading area for you.
    • If you pull the bottom part of the tag off yourself, make sure you let one of us know so we can pull the tree.
    • If you pull the bottom tag and change you mind and want another tree, let one of is know so we can re-tag the tree.
  • Want a Choose & Cut Christmas Tree (one we grow)