Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm

Photographer Information for 2018

Coming soon.. sorry ignore recent update..
We welcome professional photographers to the farm for picture sessions. There is no charge to come out, we only ask that you follow the guidelines below and only come on the days designated.

  • Please let us know via email that you want to come to the farm for a photo shoot.
  • Anytime in the month of October 2018 should be fine.
  • In November 2018; the following dates are options for photoshoots:
    • November 1-16(please note we will be spraying colorant and insecticide in November probably on a weekend, weather permitting, so proper notification is important in case we plan to spray)
    • November 19-22
    • November 26-30
  • Please avoid the 3 days after Thanksgiving and the following 2 weekends.
  • We do not reserve times or space.  Other photographers may be at the farm and we request that you respect each other and the property.
  • Since we do not charge a fee, we request that you give the Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm recognition on your website/social media etc.
  • If you have any questions, please email us here.

Thank you!