Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm

Photographer Information for 2017
We welcome professional photographers to the farm for picture sessions. There is no charge to come out, we only ask that you follow the guidelines below and only come on the days designated.

  • October 30-31, November 1-3, November 6-10, November 13-17, November 18-23, November, 27-December 1, December 4-7, 11-17.
  • Please avoid the 3 days after Thanksgiving and the following 2 weekends.
  • We do not reserve times or space.  Other photographers may be at the farm and we request that you respect each other and the property.
  • Since we do not charge a fee, we request that you give the Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm recognition on your website/social media etc.
  • Please send us a email when you plan to come out.
  • If you have any questions, please email us here.

Thank you!