Last day for U-PICK is Saturday, September 19th from 8a-4p

Flowers for Charity Event

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month!

Flowers and Summer Fun

Thank you to everyone who joined us this summer for our Flower and Summer Fun Events.  We were so excited to have so many folks interested in picking flowers.  We hope to provide U-Pick Flowers again next summer.  Check back with us in June 2021.  To end our flower season on a high note we will be sponsoring a Flowers for Charity Event to support Bob's Buddies, ( a local pediatric brain tumor foundation during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Come Saturday 9/19 from 8a-4p to pick some beautiful flowers for a donation of your choosing.  No amount is too small as it will go to help find a cure for pediatric brain tumors.  Use our flower picking container or bring your own.  We do have some scissors for cutting but does help to bring your own clippers.

Hope to see you Saturday!

​As we all know, 2020 has been an interesting and challenging year thus far.  Even so, we have moved forward with many of our continuous improvement plans for our family farm.  One such plan is to experiment with growing flowers.  We have added a small but pretty, well I am biased, little flower patch at the farm.  Most of the flowers have been grown from seed, and some of those seeds I couldn’t see without my glasses!  It has certainly been a learning process, but that is half the fun.  Why flowers?  Well I love fresh flowers or just any pretty natural cutting to bring in the house and most of our friends share that love, so we thought, maybe more folks would enjoy locally grown fresh flowers.  This year was all about learning and feasibility of growing flowers on a bigger scale that could eventually accommodate a U-Pick flower patch.  Feasibility has to do with if we can do the work to grow flowers successfully but also to figure out consumer interest.  UPDATE:  Starting Saturday Aug 15 we will open the flower patch for U-pick.  All flowers are in full bloom and definitely can handle visitors picking flowers.

So, this year we will be opening on Saturday mornings to sell our flowers, herbs, etc at our Christmas shop (the red barn).  Visitors will have the opportunity to collect the flowers individually from our pre-cut selection (or U-Pick when open) or purchase already arranged flower bouquets.  The amount and type of flowers available will vary from week to week so we will try to make sure we post updates to our Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm Facebook page.  Remember, this is a learning experience so we don’t know how long the available supply that day will last, so please be patient with us.

While shopping for flowers we will have some wonderful seasonal items for purchase:

  • Fresh summer and fall candles from Lil Sparrow Candle Company.  This is the same company that makes the wonderful and very popular candles that we sell during Christmas.
  • Handmade and beautifully crafted soaps from Carlee Farms in Granville County.  These soaps are made from goats milk and natural ingredients with fresh and unique fragrances.  They are truly pieces of art.
  • On Saturdays in July (11, 18, and 25) we will be celebrating “Christmas in July” where select Christmas items will be 50% off regular price.  We will also have a small Christmas/Holiday themed flea market.
  • Starting mid-August we will help you get a jump on fall with our "Falling For Fall"event.  Fall fragrance candles, Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm handmade décor (Pumpkin Plushies), soaps and a few other items to welcome the fall season.


Flower Patch Summer Hours
We are open on Saturdays, starting July 11th , from 8-12noon.  We are also open by appointment during the week on Friday from 10a -1p and 3 - 5p.  Appointments are $10 and are separate from the cost of the flowers.  Please go to our online booking tool, select U-Pick Flowers as the service and pay for your appointment  Flower Appointment

We estimate closing early to mid-September.  We have planted flowers in succession so hope to be able to have flowers available through this time.

**Please note that hours are subject to change due to weather, flower supply or unforeseen circumstances.  All changes/closures will be posted on our Facebook page.**

All parking will be at the main lot near the Christmas shop (the red barn).  There will be some construction materials in the parking lot so please park leaving plenty of space between your car and the materials.  Also when parking, please make sure your car is not blocking other cars from entering or exiting.

What Should You Bring?

  • Clean jar, vase, bucket or other container to transport your beautiful flowers home. 
    • We have water to fill your container.
    • We will also have plastic bags and moist towels to wrap your flowers in if you don’t have your own container.
  • Your own clippers or scissors if you will be doing your flower arrangement at the farm.  We will have a few pairs for everyone to use and will disinfect after each use.
  • Children are welcome, especially during our Christmas in July days as each child between the ages of 3-12 years old will receive a free ornament to decorate and place on a growing choose and cut Christmas tree.  There will also be ornament kits for purchase so the kids can get a jump start on making some new ornaments for the tree this year.
    • We ask parents to stay with their children at all times and do not allow them to wander in the fields or barns.

Please DO NOT Bring

  • Pets of any kind.  If you have a service dog, please alert us ahead of time.
  • Children or adults with severe bee/wasp/ant sting reactions.  Bees are really not interested in stinging people while they have flowers around but there is always a chance.  Flower and Christmas Tree farms are quite literally buzzing with bees and other pollinators…and that is a good thing!

How Flower Selection Works

  • As mentioned, all flowers, herbs, etc that are ready to cut will be sold as pre-cut stems in our Christmas shop (the red barn). 
  • 2 ways to purchase flowers:
    • We offer the “as many flowers as you can fit in our container” option as one flat rate.  Each pitcher full of flowers is $20 and 3 gal buckets are $40.  This rate is for the flowers only, the pitchers/buckets are not for sale.  One full pitcher can easily fill 2 or 3 – 32 oz mason jars, depending on how full you like your bouquet.
      • Exemption to the flat rate:  There are some flower stems that are large, i.e. sunflowers or special, i.e. hydrandeas, that will be priced per stem and not included in the flat rate.
    • Pre-made flower bouquets lovingly made by our staff.  These bouquets will be made to fit in a 32oz mason jar.  These bouquets are $12.  (Mason jars sold separately)
  • If you opt for the pitcher/bucket method, you are welcome to arrange your flower bouquet(s) in the containers you brought while at the farm.  Due to COVID-19 restrictions, space for this will be limited but absolutely provided.
  • Please arrive at least 1 hour before closing time to select your items, especially if you will be staying to arrange your bouquet(s).

Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm