Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm

Frequently Asked Questions

- Where are the Fraser Firs from? 

Our precut trees (Fraser, Concolor Fir) and B&B trees come from Alleghany County (Sparta), NC

- When were the trees cut? 

We work with our grower and bring trees in multiple truckloads beginning just prior to opening weekend. Our grower tries to cut no sooner that 7-10 days prior to delivery.

-What trees are the most fragrant?

The Fraser firs and the Concolor firs (which has more of a citrus smell).  The pine trees we grow have a fragrant pine aroma.

-What is a concolor fir?
It is also called a White Fir.  Has a bit longer needles and has a citrus smell

-What trees do you grow on this farm?
We grow Virginia Pine and Cypress varieties of trees.  This year we have Va Pine, Leyland Cypress and Carolina Sapphire available as choose and cut.

-How much are your Christmas Trees?
All C&C trees are $6/ft unless they have been marked down because they are a Charlie Brown tree (Charlie Brown trees have blue ribbons on them).

Pre-cut trees vary based on height and quality but range from $9 to $12/ft.

All trees for sale have a tag noting height and price.

-Can we tag a tree and come back to get it closer to Christmas? 
Yes for our Choose & Cut Trees.  All C&C trees with red ribbons are tagged by other customers.  Customers can come to the farm anytime we are open and "tag" a tree (pre-purchase) for cutting and pic-up at a later time. If you want the best selection of what we grow this is what we recommend. Once your ready to get the tree, come back to the farm with your receipt and tree tag (stapled to the reiecpt) and we will cut your tree for you. Note.. its a good idea to take a picture of your receipt and tag just in case it gets lost.

-Can we cut our tree down?
We prefer that our employees cut the tree for you so that we minimize risk to the customer and we make sure YOUR tree is cut (not someone else's or a tree not for sale).

-How does the process work for selecting a tree?

For a pre-cut tree: Trees are displayed in the area behind the Christmas shop, when you walk to the display area you will be greeted by one of our employees who will answer any questions and explain how to select a trees.  All trees have a 2-part white tag with the height and price and displayed by height in the field. Our employees are available to help you view the trees, once you select a tree you will remove the bottom part of the tag (our employee will do so for you) or you can yourself, however if you do do please let our employees know you have selected a tree.  Depending on the day, trees purchased are taken to the lot where you parked for loading SO our employee will place an additional tag on the tree noting the lot you are parked in (1, 2 or 3) and what you want done to the tree (e,g. branches trimmed, fresh cut, hole drilled for a spike stand etc). The tree will be taken by our employees to be baled then loaded on a cart and taken to the loading area where you parked.  Once you pay for the tree and are ready to leave (after you have tried our donuts, apple cider, hot chocolate, browsed inside the Christmas shop and picked up a wreath and/or roping) you will go to your car and exit to the loading area. There you will show the loading and tiing team your receipt and tree tag, we will match your tree tag # to the tag # on the trees we have at the loading area then load and tie your tree for you. Whew..

For a Choose & Cut PRE-TAGGED Tree: If you have pre-tagged a tree (see below) you show your receipt and tag to the sales person in the Christmas Shop and they will call our designated tree cutter (usually Daniel a 20 year employee!) who will go cut your tree bring it back to the baling area where it is shaken (not stirred) to remove dead needles, baled and taken to your car for loading.

If you are purchasing a tree the same day (i.e. want it cut) you may go to our Choose & Cut fields (follow the road behind the shop). All trees for sale have a white 2-part tag with height and price. Any tree without a tag is NOT for sale, trees with Red ribbons are pre-tagged (sold) and not available, a tree with a white tag but the bottom part missing is assumed sold (do not remove the top part of the tag which is wired to a branch), trees with blue ribbons are "charlie browns" and are marked down. If you find a tree you like with the bottom part of the tag intact, remove it and return to the shop. Once you checkout we will go cut your tree for you, shale it, bale it and take it to your car for loading.

-What do you recommend for taking care of our tree?
Try to keep the tree away from a direct heating vent, keep the water bowl full with just fresh clean water (no need to add anything to the water).  We use boiling hot water to fill the water bowl, this may help the tree take up water better. Note.. we try to display our trees in water bowls to keep them as fresh as possible and depending on how long they have been in water and/or if we have had rain, the trees may not take up water until they begin to 'dry' out.

-Do the donuts contain peanuts?
No, neither the donut mix nor the cooking oil contain nuts.  The frying oil is soybean based.

-Do you deliver trees?
Sorry we do not offer delivery.

-Do you have a play area?
Yes.  Beginning this year (2019) we moved the bounce house, swing/play set and a hay mountain to the fields. We also have hayrides on the weekends (including the Friday after Thanksgiving) depending on the weather and condition of the fields. 

-Is there a charge for the play area activities?
No, all the activities are free.