Jordan Lake Christmas Tree Farm

Diana and Byron moved from Durham to "the country" in July of 1994 after seeing a wonderful old 1860 built farm house on a great piece of land just south of I-40 in Chatham County.  The previous owners, Mike and Jane Harrell, had started a Christmas Tree farm and were moving.  Being young and naive we thought that Christmas Tree farming would be a fun hobby.  We survived our first Christmas in 1994 with the help of the Harrells and here we are 23 years later still growing the farm, making memories with all our wonderful customers and still learning about growing Christmas Trees.  Much has changed from the early years and we have been blessed with good fortune, great friends and employees and most importantly a daughter, Khoury, who for 17 years has been the most blessed gift we could have.

The biggest change for those of you who have been coming to the farm over the years and were out ast year is that we have finally finished construction on the house and since January of 2017 moved in.  It took us longer than expected but we are so pleased with the outcome especially the fact that soooo much of the original 1860 farm house was used in the construction of our new home.

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